ASAKUSA CAPSULE HOTEL only $30 a night for a room the size of a coffinIMG_2741

Night ShotIMG_2739-2

The hotel is located 100 feet to the right of the #4 exit of the subway station. You can see the exit with Japanese roof in the bottom left.capsule_hotel_asakusa2-1

When you enter the lobby there will be a ticket machine.how_to_stay_in_a_capsule_hotel

Once you buy the ticket, you’ll want to press the upper left hand button.

The 3rd one over is in English.

Other buttons say “short rest”, “breakfast”, “clothes to keep”, “special love massage”.

Not really, but the others are true (LOL).IMG_2752


IMG_2749IMG_2743Each capsule has a little control panel.


There is an alarm clock, TV/Radio speaker, light and TV on/off switch. volume knob, and some panic button I managed not to press.  Tou change channels by pressing the small black button.


The TV is a decent size when you are in the capsule.


A small screen comes down to protect you.